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Put simply it is the latest development in inkjet technology that produces prints directly from a digital file in quantities and to such a superb quality that has not been possible or commercially viable by any other printing process up to now.

There are huge benefits to be gained by using Giclée compared to traditional lithographic printing.

The opportunity to test market a new image at a realistic price.

Greatly reduced initial costs compared to lithographic printing.

Print the edition as you receive the orders, helps your cash flow and eliminates storage problems.

There's no obligation to complete the edition, eliminating unsold wasted prints.

Superb range of stocks including canvas combined with much shorter editions will result in higher perceived value of your prints.

By adding Giclée reproductions to your portfolio you will create a brand new market for your prints with higher prices than traditional lithographic editions.

Papers and Stocks

At present we recommend a choice of many lovely papers and banner materials plus a Canvas

Our papers are great for exhibitions and posters when laminated or Encapsulated

260 GSM Satin and Gloss papers are great for posters and prints giving a photographic appearance,  these can also be laminated.
Canvas 420gsm. Polyester cotton mix, gives your prints an authentic original appearance. All prints on canvas are Liquid Laminated before being sent out to seal them and give a more authentic appearance.

Somerset watercolour paper 320gsm. A Great paper for those fine arts with more of a parchment appearance.

We have carried out extensive tests to determine the optimum combination of papers and ink that results in the best possible range of colours together with the important issue of light fastness. To that end we have settled on a superb range of papers combined with Epson inks




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